Have a specific session restore setting for upgrade-relaunches


Brave currently has a single setting for what its startup behavior should be: session restore, homepage, blank page, dashboard… I usually want to start Brave on a fresh tab, period.

However, when Brave prompts me to relaunch for upgrade, I don’t want to delay that upgrade too much just because I have a bunch of open, un-bookmarked tabs. And I don’t want to create a whole bookmark series for that too. I would expect Brave to upgrade, relaunch and restore what I was doing, this time. Because this is not a “I’m done, let’s close Brave” situation. It’s a “I’d like to upgrade now, just to be safe, yet I don’t want to lose my current context” scenario.

So I’d love to have a setting for upgrade relaunches, something like “Use default startup behavior” vs. “Restore session / open tabs”.


I think you have a very valid point―I’ve filed Issue #8625 :slightly_smiling_face:

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