Have a ‘Block notifications but tell the website you allowed’ button whenever the notification box comes up

Notification spam is an annoying kind of adware/malware. There are websites, for example link shortners, which don’t allow you to proceed to the target destination without forcing you to turn on notifications from them. If you press block, they redirect you to one of their subdomains and ask you for notifications again. This cycle continues until you click ‘allow’. Once this happens, you are spammed with malicious notifications like ‘Your computer is infected with (number) viruses’ or annoying adware.

While most technologically-inclined people would know how to turn this off, others may not know how to and could fall victim to this malware, compromising security and may even turn people away from encouraging others to try brave browser.

When a website asks for notifications, the ‘Allow’ and ‘Block’ should still be there, but a third option would be there which could be called ‘Block but tell website Allow’, where it would simply be an allow button but immediately deletes the website from the notification allow list. This prevents the website from knowing that you blocked their notifications and you get to your intended destination

To get users used to the new button, when the mouse is hovered over it, it could show a message under it explaining what the button does.

Alternatively, if the above method doesn’t work, the button could be renamed to ‘Allow but hide’ and it could do what it says.

I think When a website asks for notifications, there is an option in Brave Browser to
show notifications until I close this site that does the same thing.

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true i suppose that works

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