Hated the "Feedback" option


New to this browser. Just found out a major feature (Print preview) is missing. So I though I would write a feedback about it. But, seriously? I have to go through all this trouble (Signup -> verify email -> then figure out how to use this community forum) just to provide a feedback? Why not just open a text field, type in the problem, add screenshot if needed and submit? why would I go through all the trouble and register? (Firefox has a very super simple way to give feedback. And I wished this browser to be better and simpler than firefox)


@zahid I feel you there, but please see this from the other side.

Here is free support for free software which is done by the folks who are designing, building, and testing the software themselves.

There is a notion to do exactly the text field & submit option, but no human will ever look at those one-by-one.
A system like that will only work by aggregating thousands of reports, sorting by the highest number, and prioritizing accordingly.

When we have such a massive install base, such a system might just be inevitable. Looking at the competition, it seems to largely be that way.

However, in the meantime you get to hear directly from us and be in a community of folks exploring a browser build like none other.

Not bad for 5 clicks, right? :slight_smile: