Hash Tab - Trending Stories on New Tab Page


Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hash-tab/ofmfddncbnnjlkppkifncbfkdengokih?hl=en

Description: Puts a Trending News Story as your New Tab Page. I really value this extensions because it allows me to effortlessly monitor any interesting topics in the news that are being talked about. I would love for this to be an option as my new tab page in Brave. I’m trying really hard to use this as my daily driver. Hopefully this will be added. Keep up the great work! Love it so far!


It’s useless!
Sorry, guy.


It’s not for me. I really enjoy the extension. People have different needs.


The page you are searching for still exists in this browser: Opera Reborn.
Give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar.
I hope I have been useful for you.
(Sorry for my previous answer: I don’t mean it would be useless, but not necessary, superfluous).


Pretty sure many people would like to have such feature on new tab. Added a request for the extension here

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