Has the dark theme been disabled?

I would like to request the dark theme too, but it seems that theme has been disabled as far as requests being made. I have headaches and the dark theme seems to help.

Thank you,

Before requesting an extension, please…

  • Visit the list of requested extensions to see which extensions have been already requested. Search for your extension and give it a vote. Higher votes extensions get priority
  • Visit the category page to see the most actively discussed requests
  • Read the instruction to know how to request the extension.

If you do not follow the guidelines above, expect to have your post edited or deleted.

We’re not trying to be rude, we just don’t want to waste energy when we could be releasing new features and bug fixes.

It was requested rather often and sadly, the answer is that there will be no dark theme until Brave Core = version 1.0 will be available.

In the meantime… well it sounds stupid, but I just tried, by chance I had a pair lying just beside the laptop:
Try wearing weak sunglasses :smiley:
If something would bother me, it would be the bright white background of this forum, and for me the sunglasses help quite well.

But your post got me an idea: Would a dark mode for this community help? I just made a request, here.