Has Brave changed its publisher ads rewards policy?

On average, one month, when the price of BAT is about $0.1 to 0.5, I usually receive 1000 to 1300 BAT with the amount of website traffic of about 8 million traffic/month. However, recently in April, when the price of BAT went up to ~ 1> $ 1.4, my amount of BAT received was three times lower than every month. Is this due to the reduction of the BAT bonus rate?

You can see in the picture up until May 1, the number of Bat I got is about 398 BAT, compared with the current price of ~ $ 480

In the months before, when Bat price was at 0.4 or 0.5, I got about 1200 BAT, equivalent to 480 to 500.

Does this mean that the amount of BAT against the USD received is always flexible? As Bat increases in price, will the number of rewards accept lower (same traffic conditions)?

Yes. The same way that you are not getting the same amount of Bats for watching ads, as the publishers are not paying 1.5$ for every click, and just a few cents.

So, the tips you receive are lower. I noticed it too in my web.

I am also a creator and i have seen a significant decrease too, I believe it’s because brave didn’t think of reducing the minimum tiping amount when they reduced the user’s amount of BAT the users recieved. How can they tip if they can’t even make 1 BAT.


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