Has A Bookmark All Feature Been Added To Brave Browser Yet Or At Least A Work Around?

I’m wanting to backup my android phone before I replace the battery.

I’ve not been diligent in keeping my Brave Browser cleared and have accumulated hundreds of open tabs in the Android Brave Browser.

If there isn’t a bookmark all feature, which I haven’t been able to find, is there a workaround?

Best I can think of is connecting my phone to my computer and being able to grab the open tabs through there in the data.

Problem is I don’t know where URL data for open tabs is so rather than spend a lot of time searching for it I’m hoping someone here could point me to it if that’s the workaround I need to use since even then it would be faster than manually going through all my current, again hundreds, of open tabs manually.

Would really appreciate the help.

P.S. I don’t know whether this is supposed to go in the Brave Support board so feel free to move it there if it’s supposed to be there.

No, there’s no “bookmarks all” in Android (yet?)

You can do this with Brave Sync. All tabs should be available from “Menu > History” on desktop.

It’s already cleared that you can’t bookmark all and you have to set up sync with your computer.

I’m sure you won’t lose your data after battery replacement.
But yeah backup is a good option always.

I’ll try this out.


I’ve setup Sync and it did not work very well. It only synced my most recent open tabs which was only a couple.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

Now I have to go through a couple hundred open tabs manually. Yay…

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