Hardware Acceleration without the blur

It’s a known chromium based browsers problem where the hardware acceleration (HWA) renders images on pages a little bit blurred. It also affects the text a tiny bit, but it’s most obvious in the graphical elements: logos, thumbnails, banners etc.
But if you turn the HWA off, then the vertical sync is also off and you see the “tearing” between frames when scrolling. And also the color accuracy drops a bit.
Again, this is not a brave problem - edge, chrome, vivaldi are also affected. FF doesn’t have that problem.

Although it doesn’t seem like a big deal, I’ve found it’s easier on the eyes to look at and read pages from little bit further away when the blur/hwa is off, but then lack of v-sync is intolerable.

Even If it takes more resources, I 'd like to have a HWA without the blur.


Possibly, computer / device motherboards, ought to have a GPU of much lower horsepower, for Internet browsers . . . in addtion to the GPU of high horsepower for gamers/video?

Or the fancy GPU has a sub-section that produces a lot less heat – dedicated for Internet browsers?

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It has nothing to do with the hardware. Chromium browsers lower down the resolution of pages in order to load faster. The problem is you can’t turn it off without losing the v-sync.