Hard to identify the current tab on some websites



I’m finding it hard to identity the current tab at times.

Some scenarios work as expected (sorry I can’t post 2 pictures but you can look at your current tab bar)

Here’s a scenario where it’s the current tab is not obvious (I’m in the middle tab). It might help to change the shade of entire tab (in the tab bar) to make things more easier to spot. Please let me know if I’m missing something. Thanks.


Hi @phani.me1,

I’ve no problem on my Windows machine when visiting that site.
Would you mind to disable Show tabs in page theme color under Preferences > Tabs?
It’ll make the active tab in white color. Then you can enable it again if you want.


Hope that can help. Let me know if it’s not.
And I’ll search for the existing issue.

Thank you,


Disabling it worked. Thanks.

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