Happy to see companies / online shopping platforms advertise on Brave

This is not an issue but just that I am really happy to see a platform like Flipkart advertise on Brave. Hopefully other brands will do the same and Brave will have more ads!

For anyone who doesn’t know flipkart →
Flipkart is the online shopping app / website like Amazon, in India.

Never got any ads other than crypto and Zebpay. It’s great that companies are joining to advertise.

Well, apparently they chose a bad time to advertise. Since the sale ends tomorrow lol

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Nevertheless, it is a start and it’s welcomed. We get to see at least a few relevant ads in India.

yeah i saw this today , its good but these new tab ads aren’t paying any bats

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They do pay but just 0.001 which is similar to Zebpay ads

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