Hanging tabs and the ability to capture debug info


Recently I’ve ran into the issue with Brave where tabs will randomly go semi-responsive. Any hover events and clicks take place but buttons no longer function (can’t open menus or see videos on youtube for example). This can be fixed by refreshing the page but it sometimes persist till 2 or 3 refreshes.

Even if this isn’t a serious issue, I think it’d be interesting to know whether there’s anything on the console we can do to extract more info for the team to figure out the bug. It’s a rather annoying one as it’ll just randomly make a page unresponsive and you’re left confused for a minute. If every time it happened I was able to capture some information (the site I’m on, javascript stack, downloaded files, whatever else exists) for the team to use to identify the issue it would make using the browser in this early stage much more worthwhile.

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