Handy Tabs in groups

Hey, Im DoGame5 and Im using Brave on my Handy.
I see that I can create Tab groups where more tabs be one. How can I setup this?

For most time I see all the tabs among themselves. But I would like to have these in windows side by side. How can I setup this?

In the picture below you see the:
Brave Version & Mobile Device details

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Hrmmm this was the default in more recent releases… But i guess first check brave settings and look to see that Enable tab groups is on… then in regular browser mode, click to add a new tab… In here, on the top right, tap the 3 vertical dots button which open a menu. From here tap on Group tabs item. Then select the tabs you want in the group and tap the Group link/button when it’s enabled… You’re done with grouping…

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My enable groups is on. When I click long on a link the option Open in group is not there

You’re not long clicking a link… when you get to a page you want tap the tabs button like you want to make a new tab… then do the stuff from above…

Ok, but there is only Open new Tab, Open private Tab, Close all Tabs & Settings

Those look like old items… are you on the latest brave version?

Yeah I take a look, I have the newest Android version that can I have

And the latest verion of brave right now is 1.23.76, Chromium 90.0.4430.93

That the version you’re running?

Look at the picture I post on the first commit, is the same

The only other thing to try then is to see if setting flags for tab groups and tab grid layout to enabled can be done and/or will work brave://flags. You’ll be prompted to restart brave, yes to confirm that…

Its both on, I try to take it off and then on, but nothing changed

reboot the phone??? :neutral_face:

Ok, wait I try it out, I notify you when it changed

I restarted my phone and nothing changed. On my other phone with the same settings and the same version I have the group buttons

Hey @DoGame5,

It sounds like this might be an issue with the phone that you’re using. What’s different between the one that has tab groups and the one that doesn’t? Are they the same model, or is one older/newer than the other?

The phone with groups is older then the orther without groups. I buy me a new Phone because the old is to slow. The new one is a Samsung Galaxy A70 and the old is a Samsung Galaxy J4+

I just checked to make sure, and you are not up to date, at least according to your previous screenshot. Brave does not update automatically, so try updating it to version 1.24.84 via the Play Store.

I’d like to note that you should not need to have the flags mentioned above enabled in order to use tab grouping feature. Additionally, the latest Brave version is v1.24.84 – please update to the lates build and test to see if you then see the tab groups option.