Halo Waypoint does not load with shields enabled


Turning off shields allows the page to load as it should. Please fix this admittedly minor issue as I have noticed it on a few other sites as well. I am a new user of Brave and absolutely love it otherwise!

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Hi @tuhin94,
Can you try enabling all cookies allowed and going back to the site? That may fix your loading issue.

Hi Aaron. I do not see that option. I should mention I’m using the app on iOS. I turned off all cookies, reloaded the site, turned on all cookies, and finally reloaded the site again, but the site still did not display properly with shields enabled.

Hi @tuhin94,
Since you’re on iOS, can you try disabling block ads & tracking within the Shields panel. That should get the site to load properly.

As mentioned in my initial post, I already did this. I made this post to inform you guys that the site does not load with shields on, but I would like it to work with shields on. As great as Brave is, I had to move away from it as there were too many minor issues. They took away from the browsing experience, so I switched to a different browser for my laptop and phone. That said, you guys are doing some great work and I can’t wait to see how great Brave becomes in the future!