Half year without payment . leaving brave reward

i dont need to send dm with wallet info because i do 2 time .every mounth i wait my payment i say maybe ther are probleme but there are half year without payment
this is my last payment

Every month, I see that members are being paid while some are still struggling to transfer their dues to uphold and there are no comment from company .
im left brave reward and sory for bad english


creo que has esperado mucho ,ya no creo que te paguen. yo en este mes es la primera vez que pasa, pero no creo que se arregle , sopote no responde…que pena

Hi @amineznc I’m happy to assist, I’m not seeing a message from you. Can you DM me your wallet ID? Thanks in advance!

i have 2 topic and 2 dm to u but i got the same answer like this so why i send my wallet info again . dev team should fix probleme quickly or brave reward will lose more people

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:cry: ooooh que pena ,esperemos nos puedan ayudar

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