Had to reformat phone, lost about $7 worth of accrued BAT

I’ve been using the most recent revs of Brave on my android running OS10. My phone was acting glitchy so decided a hard reset and reformat was due. Before doing so I tried to check Brave if there was a backup wallet key like on desktop, but I could not find any mobile key. My phone was chained to another phone and desktop, and all linked with Uphold wallet.

After reformatting the phone and reinstalling apps, Brave no longer recognized my device’s balance. I linked my phone back to the other 2 devices, and it shows my (this) phone linked twice. Brave doesn’t recognize this is the same exact phone hardware.

How do I get my phone relinked to the original mobile Brave wallet with a ~$7 balance?

Unfortunately, the accrued BAT on your phone was ONLY on your phone, nowhere else, and it was wiped out by the phone reset. The only way to preserve it would have been to move it to your Uphold wallet first.

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