Had to dump my old brave wallet for a new one yet still cant connect wallet

had a wallet with lot of BAT but I couldn’t connect to Uphold because apparently I had used a different account so somehow I cross contaminated my data dunno, so I made a new wallet and still cannot connect to uphold because now brave says to many devices, now I have 2 wallets one stuck in limbo with a lot of BAT, dont know if I can recover that, and this new wallet, Am I wasting my time and just say F it F brave rewards now or what?

could you please be clearer with your explanation?

that is the only way I can explain it

if you have never had this happen to you then I suggest allowing someone else who this has happened to as well, give me an explanation how to resolve this

You can remove 1 device on Uphold using this Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

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