Had to delete brave cause it was not opening, and I lost all BAT

I was using brave and I clicked on a link that opened a new tab, and that tab kept freezing my app and closing it. So I deleted Brave and reinstalled it, and that fixed the problem, but I lost all the tabs I had opened from before, and more importantly I lost all my BAT.

@Mike2756, hi
you should had verified your wallet via uphold or by making a backup in the brave reward tab.
like this:

copy the key provided here and store it in a safe place

and then you can wen needed restore your wallet in the same way

if you didn’t do any of that… then i don’t know how you can recover your bat.

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I was going to do that, but then I wasn’t able to open the app after. So I guess I can’t get any of it back now.

Thank you for the solution tho :slight_smile:

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