Had to delete and reinstall, now all of my bookmarks are gone even with sync


I was having issues a few weeks ago where every time I opened the browser it would immediately crash. So I deleted the app and all its app data and then re downloaded. I have my sync info and got that set up. It is showing my other devices (old install name, name from a work computer I no longer use, and this new install) so the sync was found. However, all of my bookmarks and settings are not syncing.

Any ideas what I can do? is the sync data on a server somewhere or do I need to have another active computer to sync up to?

If this cannot be solved its not a hug issue. A bulk of my bookmarks are still in Safari from before I switched, but there are quite a bit of new ones that were only in my brave browser.

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cc @sriram and @Mattches for assistance here.


Hi @gilosborne, there are some issues currently being hammered out as far as the resync feature goes. I know you said that you’d already deleted Brave and reinstalled, but you may want to try it this way instead: How to solve *almost* every problem after install

Follow the steps and then try a fresh sync.

Hope this helps!


@Mattches Can you try submitting that URL again?


Good catch! How embarassing! I guess it could have been worse :stuck_out_tongue:
Here you go :How to solve *almost* every problem after install


I had a similar problem happen to me. I had to reinstall windows. Once I had everything running and my backups online I was concerned that Brave wouldn’t retrieve my bookmarks when I synced it. I’m only using one device so I also thought that could have caused me to lose everything.

It wouldn’t have been a big deal to lose since I only use the Bookmarks Bar as the rest is still far too clunky compared to what I’m used to on Chrome.

Thankfully the nuclear option worked just fine. I did have to re-enable some extensions but since Brave is so limited on those it wasn’t much of a hassle.


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