Had Problem with redirected Google-Search query (MALEWARE]

Seams to be some Maleware function in Addon OneClean. Get some unusual SEPR-Output in Google-Search under Brave-Browser.
Have found this topic:

I did the recommendated steps:

  • Found the Maleware Addon: OneCleaner

Unfortunatelly the Topic is closed, so I could not write a message to collect Maleware-Addons with others…
Question 1:

  • Is there an official Place for Brave-Browser, where I could report this Suspicious case?
    After I disabled the OneCleaner Addon the rediretion Part in SourceCode is gone.
    So 99% this is the causing Maleware.

Question 2:
By the way - Does anybody know an other Addon without Maleware, which allow to clean all cookies and stored data from ONLY ONE particular Website/Url? (Without to go in the settings-nested jungle of options)

(I need it daily to flush the information from some Websites in Developing when I change the Let’s encrpyt Cert or the cache in cloudflare, …)

Would be great to get some tips.

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