Had about 100 BAT and now my it is saying I have zero

I had a little over 100 BAT on my brave browser and now it is saying I have 0. I created an Upload account and linked it, but the BAT is not in there either. Please help.

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Thanks for reaching out.
Can you confirm that these BAT weren’t distributed via the Auto-Contribute function?

Hi. I have Auto-Contribute set to off and total tips this month show 0.0 BAT. Rewards summary doesn’t show anything before November 2019 either.

Is there any other way to check history of rewards other than the brave://rewards?

i had similar issue on my pending bat

@innocentboi112, @james3945,
Would you mind going to Brave://rewards-internals and sending me the information found here in a DM so that I can take a look on my end at what may be going on?

@innocentboi112, I had the same issue for about a month and all of a sudden this morning I got an email notification saying that my BAT rewards were deposited in the Uphold wallet, and sure enough all the balances corrected to the expected levels.

I think they had problems rolling out the Uphold integration and what they though would be a weekend fix back at the end of October turned into a month long implementation. Check your email and Uphold wallet today.

@Spardo123 Thanks for the heads up! I checked my Uphold wallet and it’s still showing zero. Hoping this is just an integration issue and it will get corrected soon. Been using Brave browser as my primary browser since April.

Hi @Mattches, just checking in with you. I direct messaged you the requested information a little over a week ago and haven’t heard from you. Any updates? I checked my Uphold account and I did receive my November rewards, but am still missing my ~100 BAT I had accumulated since April. Could you please let me know if you’re still figuring out what happened to my BAT? Thanks!