Had 18.5 BAT on Android Phone, which had been 18.5 for months. Verified to Uphold account. Gone!

Haven’t been able to verify my Brave rewards on my Android phone for months because it said I needed to have a minimum of 25 BAT. I thought no big deal, I was close to 16 at the time. I got to 18.5 BAT and then it just stopped accruing BAT. Digging into the settings it would show pending amounts but they never were added to the 18.5 BAT. The monthly amounts would disappear and then still I would be at 18.5 BAT. For some reason, the other day it finally let me verify and log into my uphold account from my phone, even though it still showed 18.5 BAT in my unverified account on my phone. When I logged into my existing Uphold account, the phone synced with the account and shows the little bit that was in my account, and the 18.5 BAT along with all of the other BAT that went into Cyberspace over the last few months, was gone.

It’s like someone is syphoning it off somewhere in a trash account and building a slush fund. Because just like water or matter, it can’t truly be gone can it? It’s somewhere.

Things like this have been going on for well over a year from what I can read and see.


I don’t think your transactions are even added to the blockchain, because you have an unverified wallet. So it’s probably very easy for it to go poof!

After half a year or more of claim issues, people typically give up on any BAT they were owed, so these unclaimed BAT will automatically return to the pool and be given out to other Brave users.

I appreciate the reply.

What you say makes sense, but still sucks.

However you look at it, that’s a syncing issue where the script for the hook should look for a balance in the unverified account first, before it syncs the amount that already exists in the Uphold account. That could have been fixed a long time ago. That’s lazy coding.

I have a similar issue on my computer: I didn’t create a wallet until I get the 25 BAT necessary and now that I did, my BAT are gone… plus in the logs, I can see a line that says I withdrew them.

But they’re not in my Brave account, neither in my Uphold wallet and neither in my bank account…
Please don’t tell me it’s all lost :frowning:

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