H.265 and Directory Upload features

I was looking around html5test.com and noticed even the most recent version of Brave doesn’t have support for H.265, or High Efficiency Video Coding, video and i was wondering if there’s a privacy reason of some sort for that, given Brave is such a privacy-concerned browser and such, i thought that might be the only reason why it isn’t supported.

Besides that, i’ve been trying to use a website called Sakoku Explorer which locally processes your Google or Facebook downloaded data to tell you how and where they track you around the internet, but it requires a browser feature i didn’t even know existed, directory upload via the file upload input type. I went to look up on html5test if there were any browsers that supported that, because i assumed that would be quite a common feature, but at least according to that site, none of the most commonly used browsers have it yet. I’m wondering if Brave could be one of the first to implement it. :grin: