Group tab conundrums

I am experiencing two issues. Firstly if i close a collection of group tabs by mistake and then press the undo option, that very one i “undoed” transfers to another separate tab that contains its own group tabs. For example, there are tabs A and B with their own group tabs. B gets closed by mistake so i click undo but tab B disappears and the group tabs within it merges with A. This issue has happened multiple times.

Lastly, after the browser restarts certain or almost all group tabs that are within a multi-tab collection get thrown out of that multi-tab and become their own single tabs. This problem is not due to the website but the browser’s very own, which i can personally confirm as i have experienced this problem with Chrome as well. Also even if i later rearrange the groups in the sequence they were before they regressed…after the browser restarts the same conundrum appears.

Kindly solve these issues as soon as possible and once you do, do notify me.

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