Grid layout hatred

I have downgraded (upgraded) to a previous version that allowed the stackable view. I’m afraid it will automatically get “upgraded” downgraded to the new version. Does anyone know how to turn off the automatic upgrade?

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I agree this new function is shhit, Give us the old version


I have also installed the Samsung browser that has the stacked tabs. If they shutdown by work around, ill just dump Brave.

Not sure what device you’re using, but if you’re on Android you can disable auto updates through the Google Play Store :slight_smile:

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At GitHub:

Where “bsclifton” wrote:

"Thanks for the feedback folks - we’re discussing internally. There unfortunately isn’t just a flag and we’d need to keep and maintain a bunch of patches to keep this functionality (and each Chromium upgrade we’d need to maintain those patches)

We’ll share once we have more information. Thanks for your patience"

And lately

“bsclifton” again:

“It may take several days to work through this (we’ll need to re-home portions of this code and find clean ways to patch it in). We’ll keep you all updated”

Thanks for the reply! Have unchecked it and hopeful we can get a real solution from Brave soon.

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I’ve spent all day trying to get the tab stacking/cascade functionality to work again, but now realize it was intentionally removed. Unfortunately this forces me back to my Samsung browser where they have maintained that functionality. I would love to continue with the privacy of Brave, but for me, that functionality trumps your privacy advantage. Please bring it back.


Grid Gets God-Awful the more I use it. PLEASE #BringBackTheStacks !

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I absolutely hate this! Looking for another browser right now that allows me to use the card stack. Done with brave!


As far as I am concerned, I totally understand what you are saying. In my experience as someone who has limited hand mobility, the tab grid layout is not only annoying, it is also a barrier to accessibility. I switched from Chrome to Brave primarily due to the mandatory tab grouping, and I am seriously considering changing back to Chrome to avoid this issue in the future.


Whoever invented this grid view is dumb idiot. It’s so annoying on a tiny screen. Specially when you are using phone in bed.

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