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For whatever reason, it is impossible to login to my GreenAddress bitcoin wallet through their website using Brave. No issues using FF on the same desktop computer.
Can someone please explain? Are you blocking my access to my BTC because you have a rival coin or wallet provider that I’m not participating in? For the functionality I’m looking for, do I need to activate Brave Payments; if so, is that for security functionalities common to both?


Hi @heysoundude,

I believe not. It’s seem like webcompat issue. :slight_smile:

You can try to adjust your site shield setting first. It’s per site setting and will not affect other sites or your default shields settings.

Check lion icon at top right. Maybe start with fingerprinting protection or script blocker (if you have that enabled).

Also, are you have Site isolation enabled in Preferences > Security?
And what is your OS and Brave version?


shields off/down. Site isolation not enabled.
64bit Lubuntu 17.10.1, brave 0.21.24 (as long as I’ve tried over the past 3-6 months, it hasn’t worked. today, as an experiment, I tried with FF)


Thanks for the info.
To clarify, does this issue with Login menu at top right of page? Are you able if you login from

Also cc @sriram.


typing in the full URL gets me to where I can enter my credentials/info…give me a moment to try logging in

(AMAZEBALLS support, btw…I am very impressed that we can have this near realtime convo)

UPDATE: I can login from that URL, but the login button on the homepage is no-go.


Thanks for confirming @heysoundude. Glad to know its working with the URL. :slight_smile:

@sriram It seems something not working with that login button. Got an errors when clicking the button.


so I should notify their support (and stop bugging you guys)??

As a follow-up, GreenAddress has replied to me directly:

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