Green screen blocking some website media


Sometimes I get a green screen on YouTube or when using the web version of chrome remote desktop. This occurs both when shields are up and down. My extensions are also disabled. In the Chrome remote desktop web application, I am able to see the media when I open up another browser menu, but when I try to directly access it, it just shows a green screen. Any known fix to this?



Does the error give you this color green? I’ve been having this issue on different sites every so often where it ranges from covering almost all of the page as in the pic to almost none of it in squares maybe 50-100 pixels wide/tall. It’s on a bunch of different sites so it’s definitely a local issue. Changing the processor/memory clocks on my system have no effect and it happens under all levels of processor/gpu load so it’s probably not hardware related. Taking a system screenshot and looking at it in paint shows the the color is pure green aka rgb(0,255,0), #00FF00 which leads me to believe this is some rendering error within brave. It’s as though some calculation is always pulling red and blue to zero and maxing green. To the best of my memory it seems to most frequently happen on pages which use some code to “sense” where the pointer is, or at least interact in real time to where the pointer hovers/how far I’ve scrolled. I don’t know specifically what language you’d use to give that effect but it’s definitively not javascript because as you reported this occurs with all brave blocking enabled and disabled, which I believe will block all javascript under the “block scripts” selection. If someone with more web dev knowledge than me took a look at this it could probably be solved short time. Whatever this problem is caused by, almost every time I load fosshub it gives this green color on almost all (see pic) or barely any of the page, while the majority of sites I visit are completely fine. See if fosshub gives you the problem too, as that would confirm we are discussing the same error where if not I’ll repost this as a new issue. FYI I am on Version 0.58.21 Chromium: 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I haven’t heard of chrome remote desktop but I assume it allows you to access your chrome browser and open tabs on one machine, from another through chrome it’s self or some web application. At least that’s how windows RD works and how I believe all RD applications to work. I would expect that you’re able to see the media through RD and not on brave because this has something to do with how brave renders things. When you use chrome RD I don’t believe it is simply displaying the video output that would normally be displayed in browser, rendered by brave, but chrome RD is getting a feed of the pre-render information and doing the processing necessary to draw the frames on it’s own. Therefore if the problem is only in brave and the same media is passed to another program(possibly on another machine), in your case chrome RD to do the rendering the page is displayed correctly as it was chrome RD instead of brave that did the displaying. At least that’s what I suspect is happening, I have very little knowledge of the programming of remote desktops.

I’m going to continue investigating and try to find what the page uses to “sense” where the pointer hovers and see if other pages I get it on use similar coding. Will post again if I discover more



I’ve had similar plus unclicked links are sometimes purple or green instead of blue. Sample screenshots attached. Using Brave Version 0.59.35 Chromium: 72.0.3626.81 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.



Seems very much like a Hardware Acceleration issue.
Navigate to
Menu --> Settings --> Advanced --> System --> Hardware Acceleration and toggle this off.
Relaunch the browser and see if the issue is resolved.

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You were spot on! Disabled HW acceleration and used brave for a little over a week. No green blocks seen yet, while at the frequency they appeared before I would have certainly expected to see them multiple times by now.

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