Green Checkmark, Publisher Verification and Payments


So I went through the process and I believe I am a verified publisher on However, when I see my page on the payments list, I don’t have a green checkmark.

I know at least one user has contributed to me this month and I haven’t seen that show up in the Brave publisher dashboard.

Looking through the FAQ it wasn’t clear what it would take to get a green checkmark. I assume that if I don’t have a checkmark I wont ever actually get paid out is that right?



Hi @Mathias_Bras,

  • It may require 24 hours or more to get the check-mark, IIRC. Or sometimes it just not showing on your side (on your Brave), but shown on others.

  • The BAT will be held in escrow wallet before it sent to you. So it may have a delay before it shows the balance.

  • And no. You’ll still get paid. If you already verified and connect your Uphold account, it’ll be settled at 8th every month.

cc @Asad if I missed things and/or for correction. :slight_smile: .



Thanks for the response. I actually finished up the publisher “work” a few weeks ago. My fear is that something isn’t quite right with what I have done. My Uphold account looks good and verified and my twitch page show up under my brave publisher dashboard.

I know it would be hard for you to tell me what I am missing without actually seeing what I am seeing.

Glad to hear things should still process though.


Issue with payout

Hi @Mathias_Bras

As far as I know, everything @eljuno noted is correct :slight_smile: Additionally, we do currently have an issue logged where Twitch channels might not be showing the green checkmark, you can follow the progress of this issue here:



Thanks for the Reply Lauren. I’ll definitely keep an eye on that issue as I could very likely see that as my problem.

For now I will just wait until the 8th next month and hopefully everything will show up then.




I am still having problems receiving payments. I have had two months of confirmed donations from two different Brave Payments Wallets and nothing has appeared in my Publisher account (still have a 0 balance). Two cycles of deposit dates (I linked my twitch channel in June) have passed in my publisher account and nothing has shown up.

I also still don’t have a green checkmark on my twitch site in Brave, but I think that is a known bug as stated above.

I am really concerned that there is some step missing or something with this system is broken.

I followed the steps that you find here to link my twitch channel to my publisher account.

I suspect that because I don’t have a green checkmark on my twitch channel no payments from the browser are coming though. I suspect there is a missing step in the above instruction to become a verified publisher on twitch.

I am happy to dig deep on this issue here or in pm’s if anyone is willing to reach out.



I just wanted to point out that my channel does appear to be registerd correct per the publisher dashboard.

However after two months I still don’t have a green checkmark in the Brave browser.


Looping in @Asad to help with the publishers account side of things (to look into your account, why you were not paid, etc)



Hi @Mathias_Bras,

Can you please PM me your email address used for your publishers account? I can take a look for you.


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