Great Idea - Brave OS

I have a great idea. What about an official Brave OS. A degoogled chrome OS that is compatible with chrome apps. I think it should be based on cloudready free edition.

  1. No google account needed with an option to set an email and a cloud storage provider
  2. Chromium is replaced with Brave.
  3. Apps sync over brave sync while user data syncs with a cloud storage provider of your choice.
  4. Option to set up your own cloud server on your (separate) computer such as a raspberry pi.
  5. Support for side loading android apps.
  6. Option to boot from a USB drive at startup that cannot effect Brave OS.
  7. BAT integrated into the OS.

Interface: I was thinking of something like gnome 3. With a vertical taskbar with a your favorite apps and a “all apps” button at the bottom for the rest of your apps.

Preinstalled apps:

  1. Brave
  2. Email client
  3. Media player
  4. Documentation
  5. App store
  6. File browser
  7. Settings
  8. Libreoffice Online

I would rather use this Hypothetical Brave OS than the Chrome OS I already have.

For Maximum market share, it should be released as a free download for those interested to install it on their Chromebook. Ideally it would be licensed under the GPLv3.

Basically you want them to clean up the Chromium OS and release it as Brave OS with more features… Anyone can attempt to make such a linux distribution.

That could be a great idea, Specially if they release it for the pi