Graphical noises --- random blue line --- Android



I always use Brave.
This browser is brilliant.

However, Android one sometimes produces noises.
Noises are blue lines.
In my feeling, they appear from the top of display to the bottom when I touch or scroll display.

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Could you provide a little more info on this? Device details, Android ver, Brave ver? Also it would be super helpful if you can do a screen record of the issue and share it here


I uploaded a picture of info of my device and Brave.(Sorry, in Japanese, but maybe you can read enough)

I want to take a screen shot when issue happened, but Issue happens only when I touch Brave window, so I can’t take it.
If issue happen when I have some camera, I will take it and upload here.



I wrote a picuture of issue.
Sorry I’m a bad painter.
I’m glad that this picture help you.


Thanks for the brilliant art work. Just to be sure is the device isn’t rooted correct? Its a factory settings on the device running Brave?


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