Graphic issues and work slow

From one moment to another Brave began to show a preview of the tabs. Surely an update. But with this came a general graphic error. Junk graphics are updated after a while, or passing the mouse over them.
With this also comes a slowdown of all work with brave, such as lag.


Hi @DaviDice,

Thanks for writing in. Does this happen all of the time? Are you on Windows 10? Would you be willing to send a screen shot of this happening?

Thank you!

Windows 8.1
It started like this for 2 hours. Just when the previews of the tabs began to appear. Since then it remains the same.
Most of the time graphic errors are loading delays. But others directly fail graphically. No video looks fluent anywhere. Sometimes it is as if the video codec fails, but the audio is heard perfectly, only the image is affected. I already tried other browsers and applications and it is definitely only happening with Brave.
The only thing that works correctly are the previews of the tabs and submenus.
Literally, this just happened.

@DaviDice please try with “Hardware acceleration” disabled in Brave’s Settings.

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Thanks n.n Apparently this solved the problem completely after restarting the browser.

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