Graphic Glitching

I kind of have two separate issues, but both are somewhat related I think.
Before a couple days ago, I did not have hardware acceleration turned on (due to reasons explained later). However, just in the past 1-3 brave updates, some sites started to turn their background color (for example, with Indeed, like 80% of the screen would turn white). Scrolling up and down can fix it, or at least cause the images/text to reappear briefly. This did not happen with every site, but a few and if I scroll around the site(s) long enough, it usually occurs.
I turned on hardware acceleration and that seems to fix that issue, but now some parts of the screen flicker (or random black spots occur in different parts of the Brave window) at random times. If I go quickly between tabs, it usually occurs sometime, but it also happens randomly too.

This does not happen with other browsers as far as I can tell, but I can test that more thoroughly if needed.

Expected result: No flickering with HA on, or if off, site should work normally

Brave Version: Version 1.60.125

Additional Information: Dell XPS 8940 with NVIDIA RTX 3070


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Any help? It is annoying.

@BigMac66 these types of questions have been asked, answered, and resolved many times here. Though unfortunately, never any one exact answer. Just like the exact symptoms aren’t always the same. That said, it does seem to be NVIDIA more than anything with the issues.

I don’t feel like looking through all the posts right now, but I do have High GPU load on YT and Twitch - #2 by Saoiray that I can link you to. Honestly, if you type in @saoiray nvidia and then sort by Latest post you’ll likely comes across many that’s been linked and the solutions.

If you don’t know how to search this site, you can check out Search Before Posting and it walks you through it.

Thanks for the assistance.

BTW, I did search Brave before posting, but there was nothing when I originally looked, but now it seems there was something posted about my main problem: Page rendering issues in Brave for the last month or so

Oh, and so it seems you’re identifying it a little differently than I was understanding it as well. In any case, topic you said is similar is still a work in progress. For you to mark a solution, is your issue resolved? If so, what was the step that worked for you?

I probably could have described it better, but I was not sure of the exact lingo.

I marked it as a solution (not resolved still) since that help page seems to describe better than what I have described, but I can reproduce it fairly consistently.

This only happens with Hardware Acceleration turned off for me though.

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