Grammarly Sign-in connection from Twitter/Facebook etc. post window on desktop

Grammarly extension not connecting for in-window access (see video).

macOS Mojave Version 10.14.6
Brave Beta Version 0.68.116

Steve L

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Hi @BigSteveLittle, apologies for the delay. Is the issue persisting?

I just tested it on my end and it appears to be working as expected.

Hi @BigSteveLittle,

Was talking with a co-worker and he suggested that it might be an authentication issue.

Try going to the sign-in page for Grammarly, opening your Shields panel and set cookies option to Allow all... , then try authenticating again.

Hi @steeven

It is persisting. I also cleared the cookies history. It’s exactly the same whether I log in via or through a Twitter post.


When the in-window login appears, do you see a shields icon in the login window? If so, try lowering shields (entirely, to test) first in that window, then go ahead and try to authenticate.

Hi, Yes I’ve been trying with the shields down. Steve

If you login [ to the website, not extension] using a private browsing session do you get the same result?

YES it works in a Tor private window? So there must be something in the settings that will allow it in a normal window.


So I reset the settings and it now does sign in to Grammarly (in the new window) however it does not activate or sign in for the purpose of the Twitter post. So the post window remains not signed in!

I have tried allowing all cookies but this makes no difference.

Glad to hear you’re able to sign in. You should be able to do this on Twitter by setting Shields to allow Cross-site trackers. Can you show/tell me what your Shields settings for on Twitter?