Grammarly Extension Issue

I am unable to log into the Grammarly extension, no matter what I try. After I log into their website (which should also log me into the extension) the extension remains logged out. Grammarly is also unable to connect. It tells me to reload the tab and check my internet connection. After I do, it remains unable to check my grammar.

@Jason_the_Gamer, can you try with allow all cookies via Brave shiekds at URL bar? Saw report that some extensions not working properly due to Shields.


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I have already tried that, but I am still not able to log into the extension.

@Jason_the_Gamer, try going to Settings --> Brave Shields Defaults and selecting Allow all cookies in the Cookie Control dropdown box. We’re currently looking on a way to resolve issues like this that don’t involve Allowing cookies:

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Thank you. It works now.

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My pleasure! If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to create a new topic.
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