GoToMeeting not working - Wants to install MetaMask


Windows 10
Brave Info:

Brave: 0.20.30
V8: 6.4.388.40
rev: 8b78402e7b3b91d44d8146cbe4dc8013592c33fd
Muon: 4.7.9
OS Release: 10.0.16299
Update Channel: Release
OS Architecture: x64
OS Platform: Microsoft Windows
Node.js: 7.9.0
Brave Sync: v1.4.2
libchromiumcontent: 64.0.3282.119

Navigating to a GoToMeeting URL displays the GoTo landing page, and the launcher never fires. Brave gives banner that says gotomeeting contains a Dapp, do you want to install MetaMask.

I would like some clarity on whether or not
A. anyone else has the same issue
B. Why do I need MetaMask to run GoToMeeting… I do not have it installed on FireFox, Chrome or IE, yet they launch GoToMeeting just as they should.
C. Does GoToMeeting REALLY use the Ethereum blockchain? Or is Brave misreporting a request from gotomeeting and showing that banner when it shouldn’t?



Is there going to be no help here? I thought posts were supposed to at least get a look after a day or two. Nothing?


I’m sorry for late response @Chad.
You can ignore that message. :slight_smile: Brave just show that message because it’s detect Dapp on that site. You also can ask to the GTM team to make sure if their site need/use it.

Can you elaborate more about what feature that not work on that site?

Basically, if sites you visit not working properly, you can try to adjusting your shield via Brave icon in top-right. Maybe try with the fingerprinting protection and cookie control. And don;t worry, that’s per site setting and will not affect your default shield setting and other site.



The web-based GoToMeeting interface never loads, and the browser doesn’t
launch my GoToMeeting desktop app. So basically, the site itself doesnt

At the very least, I should be able to get to the web interface and join
the meeting there, if it doesn’t launch the GoToMeeting application.
Once in the Web interface, i should be able to click on the "switch"
icon which will force the desktop app to launch, and switch me into that
application (for more powerful screensharing features)

Chad Kemp

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