Got paid 1.89 BAT, but its not all

My wallet is verified on 2 win 10 devices. I just got a email notification about recieving 1.89 BAT on my uphold wallet.

But the amount should be more, also I dont know which of my two device this came from. I believe I accumulated about 2 BAT per device so it should be about 4 BAT…

I still have the same amount on the pending payout even after recieving 1.89 BAT to uphold on both devices, there is no log of payout…

If you have 2 wallet connected to your Uphold account, then you can expect two different transactions. One for each wallet.

So most likely you not get the other one yet. See April 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status for status

This (the estimation section) will adjust itself in coming days.

Sorry for my bad english, what I mean is that my wallet is verified and logged in both of them devices, same wallet on two devices. Here is a screenshoot of both of them devices, as you can see I still have the same amount waiting for payout that is now postponed to may 6. Furthermore as you can see there is no log of paying 1,89 BAT…


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Yes, I understand that.

you can expect two different transactions. One for each wallet.

Each wallet will be paid in different transaction. So you just need to wait for the other one.

Forr verified wallet, the log will not be shown there; that’s only for an unverified wallet.

You can see the log/transaction history from your Uphold.

Ahh I see, yes on my uphold I see the transcation of 1,89 BAT :slightly_smiling_face:

The question is why 1,89 BAT? I know I earned most of these BAT on the same period that gives payout on april 6 to april 9

Most likely you only earned 1.89 BAT by March 31 – on one of your device. Any BAT after that will be paid in May.

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