Got no September rewards on oct 8 and cannot claim it?

Whats the reason why i got no rewards for September on my laptop browser and cannot claim it? It worked all the time for month and is still working on my other device.
Notification: My wallet is still not verified - because Uphold starts at minimum 15 BAT which i havent collected yet and Gemini is not available in Germany.

Try reaching out to admins like @steeven . In addition, the 15 BAT minimum only applies with android devices. So as long as you register for Uphold on a PC and then connect it, you can be verified. PC/Laptop, as I believe you mentioned your laptop. Even if your other device is android, if you make the account on a laptop and be verified then when you connect the second device it will be good without needing the 15 BAT minimum. This is how I did it back when the minimum used to be 25 BAT.

Thank you so much for this helpful information. I will try to verify on laptop ;-). Sorry, Iā€™m new here using Brave - can you send a link where I can reach admins like @steeven?

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Him being tagged is already all that can be done. I believe payouts are complete, faster than in the past, so he should ask for you to DM him the info. Wait for him to respond and close this thread.

ok. thanks to you! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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