Got april rewards twice


I read somewhere that Brave was planning to combine payouts in the future. I think it was on a reddit post. I’ll try to see if I can find it. It wasn’t an official notice, just a sentence or so in a post about payout issues if I remember correctly. They may be testing on a set of users before rolling out permanently.

Edit: Bold text in paragraph mine. This was specifically talking about Uphold accounts, but may currently be relevant for all custodial providers. Who knows. I think if you receive are receiving a claim button, this does not apply.

Update #1 (April 20, 13:00 ET): Based on investigation with several users, it appears that the payouts were in fact received, but because we consolidated payouts for multiple devices into a single transaction (which we will be doing moving forward), users who were used to seeing multiple transactions/deposits come in thought that they were missing a payout deposit.

April 2022 Ads Payout Issues Update

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Meanwhile many did others not get any :roll_eyes:

Payouts are not fully completed yet.

I’m usually not in a hurry but it has been a month since they started them. I have a feeling it is going to be another month with 100 % loss on rewards.

That’s nice of them. I enjoy the brave browser much more than the competition.

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I’ve maximized my rewards and stay on my pc 12 hours a day. I change windows at least every few minutes and I only accumulated 3.5 BAT. Is there a way to get more? I thought I was viewing the max on adds?

A discussion thread that might help in understanding ad campaigns.

Discussion Topic: What determines the number of ads per hour

Well, yes and no. the more you use the browser, like actively loading websites etc, the more pop up ads you get. You can also refresh the homepage to get the picture ads. There is a limit on how much you can get though. Here are the actual limits :

Now I said no aswell. Let me explain. Ads are tied to the region you live in/use the internet from. Some countries recieve generally more ad campaigns than others. Due to how attractive it is to hold an ad campaign there for the advertisers. You can find out how many campaign etc are running in your region here :

If I forgot or said something wrong, someone can correct me. It is 2:30am for me and I am very tired!

So, what do you think, Choco, is it a combined payment already?

have anyone got their april rewards? mine is saying keep an eye out and did not received anything as some of people got rewards more than they are expecting …but i did not received anything @steeven help plezz

Good to all those who got the extra BAT…:pleading_face::pleading_face::sob:

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@4M4M If you use Uphold, then yes, I think it is likely a combined payment. We may find out shortly, especially if Uphold users start posting they haven’t received payments on all their devices… :grin:

If moderators are getting a lot of Uphold posts about missing payouts, I would think they would then post an official notice. Who knows. Time will tell. :smiley:

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People receive their payouts over several days. Some people got theirs yesterday, some won’t get theirs until Wednesday.

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Recently posted in Ads Payout Status update if you haven’t seen:

NOTICE : For Uphold users, payments will now appear as one deposit into your Uphold account, rather than an individual deposit for each wallet verified/linked to your Uphold account. Example: If you have 3 browsers verified with Uphold, each earning 1 BAT for the month, you will receive a deposit into Uphold for 3 BAT.

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You do realize it’s about the APRIL payout?

Reading your post, yes. I understand that your issue is about not receiving last months payout. Sorry, that was a different issue than the original post. If you have not received last months payout you need to DM a moderator. Sorry for any confusion, but it’s better to post your own topic than on someone else’s topic that is completely different from yours.

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I think (not sure), they are trying to process all past payout issues that are still unresoved in the May payout processing. See example of the recent posts by moderators to April payout topics below:

You can still send a DM if you haven’t already, but support staff will probably not respond until May processing is complete. If you do have an outstanding DM and have received payment, you should mark your DM as solved. You can post a reply saying something like “payment received” and then click the “solution” button at the bottom of the post.

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If you check the original post, you will likely notice it was about April payout. I will wait until this round is complete before sending a DM, though I have sent them two dozen or so already to know if they would ever be able to fix a previous issue. I have yet to hear back from them in seven month.

I think there might be another unresolved issue on android as the payment discrepancy issue I reported on Nightly in March; Brave and Nightly in April still continues on both with the May payment. I am keeping them bang up to date all the time. I am now starting the month with 3.8 on Brave and 5.040 on Nightly, because it keeps on paying out peanuts and carrying the main balance over.

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