Got april rewards twice

Hello , i just realize that i got my april rewards twice. how can i repay that 3 bat ?

edit: i found a forum post that says extra bat is mine to keep. you can close this topic


Enjoy the extra 3 bat. Many folks got a little extra for the payout issue. You will not be required to pay that back.


What about this? Rewards expected in April 5.25 vBATs.

Same answer. Those are yours to keep.

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what about may payout . I had more than 10 bats in estimated earnings and only 0.7 bat is processing for payment. Do you know why . please help me with this.Thank you

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Here is the latest information on that issue. @f4firaz

Its not like that. I earned nearly 11 bat till end of april. i have 3 browsers and on one out of 12 bat bats 10 are processing , but on rest two its 0.5 0.7 something.
i dont know the reason.

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That is exactly what that link is about. If you click on it, it has some instructions to send your logs to @Mattches for review. Read the whole thing.

After doing that , will my bat processing amount increase?

That will give them your info for review. As to when you will get your rewards, that info is unavailable right now. But, you WILL get your earned BAT. It just may take time. There are many, many people with the same issue.

ok .Thanks for helping me.

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I have the same problem. I DM Mattches but no answer so far

Hello there, you know the price of BAT goes with the cryptocurrency, so it can happen that as the time you checked the price was higher and maybe the time for the processing, the currency may drop. I think that’s my observation on the amount eligible for processing and staff. Also, the monthly contribution may also reduce the amount of BAT you received.

Hey, everyone, good BAT payment day!
I have a question though. Are current BAT payments combined? As in, all devices are getting paid together? Or did I get a 10 BAT payment for one device only, and should expect the other one next? Thanks for your time.

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you have already claim at this moment?

Yeah, a couple hours ago. (This is really odd, though, on a normal month, I can’t get paid on the weekend. It’s just not possible. But usually, I get paid on the 10th, if it’s Saturday or Sunday on the 10th, then next Monday, but never this early, this happened last month too, with an underpayment, and I got my other payment a couple weeks later, after the transaction problems were revealed.)

In my experience, I get a separate payout for each device and browser. That is with wallets verified with uphold.

I’m expecting the same, though this could get a bit anticlimatic and we could get another problem down the road soon. lol.

Hey Vader,
normally yes. This time has me wondering though. I just got incoming to uphold.
My desktop says 4.76 and my android says 4.227 BAT.
I just got 1 payment of 12.43 BAT.
Now these numbers have me wondering if it was a combined payment. Otherwise this does not line up. Or there is a visual bug in the rewards display in the browser. And the carried over BATs from the past months got added in but not yet cleared from rewards in the browser.
12 BAT otherwise would be a crazy outlier for me. If I had a good month, I would get between 8-9 BAT payed out. And that is an extremely good month.

I just received a single payout for more than expected as well. We should know in the next few days as normal payout for multiple devices happen on different days. Im keeping my eye on this issue for sure.