Got 1,500 Bats instead of 1,908

I have got 1,908 BAT Tokens. I have claimed my BAT and I suddenly got 1,500.
I don’t know why, and how it happened.

Estimated reward > Pending reward
Then pending reward is rounded to every quarter (.25) apparently.

Did your estimated revenue for the next month went up?

Jesus man how are you getting this much BATs. Was it 1,500 or 1.500. Be precise.

Check for any auto-contribution done from your account. Also, if the pending balance is reflecting in the history, it will add up automatically in your wallet in sometime. If not, then it will be updated in the estimated reward for the next month.

lmao I believe it is not one thousand five hundred, we use a comma in europe for decimals :wink:

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lol, wasn’t aware of that.

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