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I’m on OnePlus 5, last update.

I like this browser (having it on my laptop too, especially for supporting BAT technology), but after having tried Samsung beta Browser, I find that Brave Browser lacks two things.

First, since years… is the Google’s favorites synchronization.

Second is interface rework. Indeed, now that smartphones are getting bigger and bigger, having the control bar on top of it forced the user to do a big and non simply move with his finger. Look at Samsung Brower, the principal bar is on the bottom so it is much easier to use it.

Samsung has an ad block extension too.
So there is nothing on Brave that keeps me with it on my smartphone.
Can you do something about these two things?



Thanks for the feedback @GregCH,

The team is working on cross-device encrypted sync. So I believe, once it’s done you can import your Chrome bookmarks via Brave on Laptop then sync it to your Brave on Android.

Sync feature is almost done, but no ETA yet. :slight_smile:

I believe you can do this too. Please follow these steps mentioned here
It’ll moved the URL bar to the bottom of screen.

Hope that can help,


Thanks, this works like charm :slight_smile:


Thanks for confirming that worked @GregCH!



Hi! New Brave user here. Noticed this post is a year old. Any word on synchronizing Brave favorites between different computers?
Thanks! Doug



Cross-platform Brave Sync is still being worked on and on testing phase. Thanks for your patience.


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