Google Will Soon Kill Ad Blockers With Manifest V3 | How will this interact with Brave?

AlphaNerd released a video on it, what are your thoughts?

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Question #21 Do we see Manifest V3 having an impact on Shields?

Answer Not at all. This Manifest V3 been delayed for a couple years. They first announced it in 2019 and our team put together a rewrite of our adblocking engine with Rust and then put it into the core for the browser for the network request. So we’re not coming in on the same API that’s affected by Manifest V3. Brendan has also talked about possibly providing support for other adblocking extensions too, but that will be disclosed at a later date. When this rolls out, most likely you’ll see a softer experience on blockers that aren’t on Brave, but Brave will still have the blocking you expect.


Hello @Liviu, thanks for bringing it up. This was our official announcement:

Google's upcoming Manifest V3 update for extensions has the potential to break many ad blockers.

But Manifest V3 will not prevent Brave from blocking ads. We built ad blocking into the browser itself so it will not be affected by Google changing its rules for extensions.

We realize many of our users still want to use third-party ad blocker extensions.

To give you as many options as possible for online privacy and security, Brave will support Manifest V2 extensions such as uBlock Origin even after Chrome stops doing so.

Official tweet here:

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