Google Web Messages doesn't save settings

I am able to set up Google Messages, on my windows browser. Next time I run Brave, it did not save the settings (cookie?) so I have to rescan the QR code using my phone.


Check whether disabling brave://flags/#brave-ephemeral-storage resolves the issue.

Disabling brave://flags/#brave-ephemeral-storage did not help.

All right, that’s good and bad at the same time.

First, set brave://flags/#brave-ephemeral-storage to Default.

Now, I suggest checking whether you’re clearing cookies on exit.

  1. Open brave://settings/cookies.

  2. Check if Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows is enabled.

  3. Open brave://settings/clearBrowserData.

  4. Click on On exit.

  5. Check if Cookies and other site data is selected.

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It is not set up to clear cookies. There are 5 cookies saved for

You might also test this behavior with Shields = down and see if this works. If it does, I would then test changing the Cookie setting in the Shields panel for to All cookies allowed. If that doesn’t work, try changing the Fingerprinting setting to All fingerprinting allowed and test again.

Fingerprints allow all didn’t help. Already tried shields down and accept all cookies

Do you have another chromium based browser you can test this behavior on (Chrome, MS edge, Chromium, etc)? I’m wondering whether or not you get the same behavior there.

Yea, it works fine with Chrome and Edge.

I’ve signed up (and linked via QR Code), sent a test message. And closed/reopened the website, closed/reopened the browser. Message is still there.

Is there any other testing I need to do?

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Likewise, I use Messages on Brave every day and have been doing so for months or more, no issues. Granted, I have it spun out into its own ‘app’ so it appears as its own application window, but it is still a Brave instance.

Safe to assume you aren’t killing other Google Messages sessions using the Android Messages app, or, signing into it from another computer? Either of those operations would typically kick out other web sessions, but you probably would know if that were the case.

Using any extensions that might be interfering with cookies?

Thanks for testing it. I think I will do a clean install of Brave and see what happens.

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Problem is resolved. I reset all browser settings to default.

Thanks all for your help

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