Google translate extension


Dear Brave Developers,
I use Google translate and would like to be able to insert their browser extensions. Please help! Thanks

Options to locally save bookmark and webpage, Google translate webpage option
Hola VPN for Brave

This is extension is better than Google Translator.

Instant Translate. Convert this for the Brave.


Hi, those extensions are added to our wishlist. Best,


@suguru I can’t remember what the security discrepancy was regarding Google’s translation was but I remember thinking how bad it was in terms of user privacy. Strange thing I can’t figure out why the fuck do they implement supposedly high level certs when they really don’t give two shit about protecting individuals.

Laborious statement made, is the team considering just forking a translation extension because it would be excellent if you could partner with someone that not only fixes this discrepancy but also manages translation just as if not more efficiently.

I recommend "S3.Translator" as a translation extension
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