Google Translate alternatives

I’ve moved to Brave for it’s privacy centric outlook, but was surprised to find Google Translate service being recommended to me in the search bar.

Is there a good alternative (Microsoft Translator?), and could Brave default to recommending that or give a few recommended options as with Search engines?

for the recommendation if you check you will see that the default search engine that brave use is google which is unexpected from my view but at least they offer alternative options so you can choose from

Yes, well I completely agree, I use Duck Duck Go personally.
But my question was about an alternative to Google Translate, and why should Brave be prompting users to use it?

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i agree with you also hope we get clear answer

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Usually I used bookmarklets:

  1. Google

  2. Bing

  3. Yandex

You can just save it as a bookmark and click when you need to translate a website.

thanks for the info you share but his question was about he want a recommended translator that respect privacy as google and bing (microsoft) yandex does not respect that

and he also wonder why we got a google translator as recommendation

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