Google to handle special protocols (bitcoin:) in Brave


I’m currently getting familiar with Brave Browser. As I logged in to Gmail, I got this pop-up (see pic). It asked me to allow google to handle special protocols. I’m not that of a techie, but i couldn’t help to notice the bitcoin: protocol in the notification. Please explain me (ELI5), what is this protocol and what has bitcoin to do with google? What are the risks of allowing google to handle these protocols?


Hi @DW23,

First, Google not asking you for :bitcoin protocol handle and only ask for :mailto. :mailto is used to set Gmail (in this case) as your default email client so every time you click :mailto link in Brave, it’ll open Gmail to compose an email.

The problem here is the notification is too general. I logged an issue for better protocol handling notification that not confuse user. I added your +1 and you can track the progress here



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