Google Sheets, Text Format, Overflow and Text Wrap Errors



Operating System: OS X 10.12.6
Browser: Chrome 64.0.3282.140 , but really it’s

Brave: 0.20.42
V8: 6.4.388.41
rev: 096c7cb3c75ebb518f72fc7d24bc2bbaedd50aed
Muon: 4.8.2
OS Release: 16.7.0
Update Channel: Release
OS Architecture: x64
OS Platform: macOS
Node.js: 7.9.0
Brave Sync: v1.4.2
libchromiumcontent: 64.0.3282.140

Just discovered this error. The text-wrap formatting doesn’t work at all in Brave on Google Sheets. This is related to the formatting error when it comes to overflowing text bug (Display glitches in Google spreadsheets)



  1. Create Google Sheet
  2. Write text beyond width of cell. (Ex: Copy and paste: “Lots of text…” like 5 times).
  3. Do the above in multiple cells in the same row.
  4. Highlight cells.
  5. Go to the Google Format menu --> Text Wrapping --> Wrap


seeing the same thing as well.

Brave 0.21.18
V8 6.4.388.41
rev 580be78
Muon 4.8.2
OS Release 16.7.0
Update Channel Release
OS Architecture x64
OS Platform macOS
Node.js 7.9.0
Brave Sync v1.4.2
libchromiumcontent 64.0.3282.140


Hi @Romerican and @testunagouchi

Do you have ‘Block All Fingerprinting’ selected when navigated to a Google Sheet? If so, could you click on the lion icon and change it to another option and see if that solves your issue?



Yes that worked. Changing block all to block 3rd party worked for me.


Thanks @testunagouchi

That is the workaround for now, but we do have an issue logged. I’ve added your +1 to it: