Google Sheets not opening from Google Drive


Error is thrown whenever I open a Google Sheets document.



Could you try allowing 3rd party cookies from the shields menu?

Please click the top right lion icon and select Allow all cookies. After reloading the page, please see if the document is loaded .



@suguru issue persists even after allowing all cookies.


just to let you know, activating cookies did solve the issue for me, but my problem was different.

I did not get an error thrown, the page did load, but only my own documents did not load. Or better said, they kept on loading.

Hope this helps solving the issue.


I am also having OPs issue, even when allowing all cookies.

I’m using Brave on a Mac, macOS Sierra.


mind trying to disable the shield itself? thanks!


Yes! Disabling the shield entirely fixed it. For what it’s worth, I don’t see these issues with google docs. Only when opening any given google sheet.

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