Google Sheets doesn't load the list of spreadsheets



When accessing, the list of spreadsheets never gets loaded.


I got the list to load correctly by enabling scripts and allowing all cookies.


Hi all,

I am facing the same issue.
In my case, I have enabled scripts , allowed cookies, blocked 3rd party cookies, blocked ads. I have the same settings ( ads are blocked using Adblock plus) in Firefox . The list of spread sheets loads fine in Firefox though.

I am running brave on a Windows 10 Laptop.



For me, I can work around it by visiting .



I’m having a similar issue! I’ve just installed the latest version of the browser on Windows 10 and have noticed that while things like gmail, drive, and slides all load fine, google sheets and google docs specifically do not resolve the lower half of the page.

The filter buttons are clickable and the page is responsive, but the main content never loads, you get an error (bottom left) when clicking any of the filters.

It’s also worth noting that if I access a specific google doc or sheet, those pages fully load and work fine – it is only the “home page” for google sheets/docs where the page sits and loads forever.

Here is the specific URLs that I have an issue with: