Google Search URL is suspicious looking

I was google searching something on mobile and the latter half of the url showed


I’m not that familiar with https and whatnot, but is this numbers and periods thing normal for brave? Is it Brave’s way of securing my search…or do I have a virus of some sort…?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

@gnvw can you provide more info about your issue?


Hi Eljuno!

Thanks for commenting and for the template

I replicated the search twice, both producing different urls:…0…1…0i71j35i39.heRacR9YR3E…0…8.bCVQaMEqwnE

I’m using Samsung Galaxy s9 running android.

Thanks for the info, @gnvw.

I tested on other browsers too and get similar results. So I assumed it’s the way Google (the search engine) handle it.

Hello Eljuno,

I tried it on chrome and the url is normal so I’m inclined to think it’s not a Google search thing…

But thank you for taking the time to look into my issue.