Google search showing up multiple times

Hey guys
I have this problem where when I search something on google it shows up around 20 times.
I wonder if there’s any fix?

Not sure, that’s weird. I just tried to replicate it and it’s not doing it. Is this happening when you search from your URL bar or when you search from What version of Brave are you using? Which version of Windows?

Asking just so more info is here when/if staff pops in to try to help.

URL Bar, it doesn’t happen when I use
Latest version and windows 10

@Zakio , @Saoiray ,

Try . . .

Clear your browsing data

In a New Window, go to:

“brave://settings/clearBrowserData” (no quotes)

Click on “Advanced”

Change “Time range” to “All time”

Select all three of:

  • Cookies and other site data
  • Cached images and files
  • Site and Shields Settings

and click the “Clear data” button.

Clear host cache, close idle sockets, and flush socket pools

In a New Window, go to:

“brave://net-internals/#dns” (no quotes)

and click on “Clear host cache”

In a New Window, go to:

“brave://net-internals/#sockets” (no quotes)

and click on both

  • “Close idle sockets”
  • “Flush socket pools”

Restart Brave Browser.

Above steps suggested elsewhere, by @Rethanis

Another possibility, pertaining to DNS over HTTPS. Ref.:” (no quotes)

You might, for testing purposes, look over the “Secure DNS” settings:

“brave://settings/security?search=secure” (no quotes)

Perhaps try some of the Custom Providers.

Given that the source for the webpage, is Google, there may be some Google domain(s) not yet allowed by your Brave Browser Shields - javascript setting(s). You might make entries of (Allow) some of the Google sources, regardless of whether or not: you have been allowing javascript.

In order to learn, what Google sources may be involved, you might use the Developer Tools > Network tool . . . and find possible sources for some of the downloaded items that you observe when Brave Browser visits the website of interest.

How to use Developer Tools > Network

PS. How to flush DNS cache in Windows OS:

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289wk Thank you so much for this insane reply !!!

It worked perfectly, I thank you a lot :slight_smile:

If anyone is experiencing the same kind of issue just refer to the previous reply,
take care much love man <3

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